Press, cinema, TV, computer, video games and the internet are part of our everyday life. We are using media at work or university – and also in our leisure time for entertainment, fun and distraction etc. There are various frameworks and concepts looking at different aspects of media use for entertainment.

There is a lot of work considering aspects influencing our media consumption. Personality plays an important role, but also age – children like different media content than adults – or motives.

Some theories deal with more concrete ideas such as mood management theory, media equation or the concept of parasocial interaction and relationships.

One can also analyse one special type of media and aspects belonging to it, for example video games and motives or gratifications or age or positive and negative outcomes or influence of music.

In the seminar “Entertainment” during the master’s degree in Media Communication at Julius-Maximilians university of Würzburg students were engaged in these topics. Every student picked one aspect of media psychology and entertainment and wrote a blog about it. The aim was to give an overview about the state of the art. Therefore current results of research in these fields were described and discussed.

This website offers a list of all the blogs to give you the chance of finding the topic you are interested in!

And last but not least students created videos concerning their topic or parts of the blog. You can find them here.


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